Improving the EOS ecosystem

We help you integrate blockchain technology

At EOS Costa Rica, we provide top-grade hardware resources to the EOSIO infrastructure  and develop dApps that emphasize individual sovereignty and promote enterprise adoption. We also provide an open platform for developers to innovate as well as training programs to increase opportunities in the blockchain space. 

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Offering the EOS ecosystem

Our passion is our work. Our focus is the following:


Infrastructure Providers


Blockchain Development


Open-Source Tools


Developer Training

Expanding the EOS ecosystem

We love what we do and our values are present throughout our organization

We envision a community where democratic values foster an environment of innovation,responsible growth and prosperity. Our goal is to build a strong EOS ecosystem with a deep learning culture where knowledge is constantly being shared and applied. We are passionate about technology that facilitate collaboration and the bringing together of ideas.

“Quietly and consistently, EOS Costa Rica seems to be doing the right thing!.”

Crypto Lions

Designing the EOS ecosystem

Our Approach


We focus on the benefits to the user, not on the technology.


We follow User-Centric Design to find that “dopamine hit” to the user.


We take a Web Based, Mobile-First Approach.


We are Ruthlessly Outcome Oriented.


We keep it simple. We research our users and build what they want.


We adapt. If the facts change, we change.


We provide an open platform for developers to innovate.


We use the optimum Dynamic TechStack or the “EOS DreamStack”.

Powering the EOS ecosystem

We´re a Proven Technical
Block Producer

EOS Costa Rica provides infrastructure to EOSIO networks to enable the responsible development of decentralized applications that will enhance our society. Our mission is clear – run the most robust, self-funded, bare metal Block Producer possible from Costa Rica improving geographical and political diversity. We have the right team in place with years of experience implementing blockchain nodes and operating an independent data center. We work tirelessly to execute our technical goals while also defending the values that are the cornerstone of our community..




Test Nets



Training the EOS ecosystem

Every day is a
team building activity

Knowledge and learning are key to what we do. Continuous training and human talent are what will make EOS the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. That is why we continue to invest our own capital in recruiting and retaining the best possible talent and also in building development tools for the community.

Proudly in Partnership With…


EOS Costa Rica is an initiative of Sistemas Edenia Internacional S.A. (EDENIA)

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