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Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

That Fit Your Needs

Deploy EOSIO blockchain technology to improve transparency, boost efficiency, and reduce costs.

Start transforming your organization by leveraging enterprise blockchain networks.

What Enterprise

Blockchain Can Do

Improve transparency and traceability

A blockchain registers transactions in chronological order, enabling full traceability of data that can be accessed in near real-time. These registries are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered, thus offering higher transparency in processes.

Boost efficiency and reduce costs

Smart contracts in blockchain technology allow improved efficiency for operations. A smart contract is a protocol that executes automatically and autonomously according to its terms, cutting the middleman and reducing paperwork and transaction costs.

Enhance security and trust

Blockchain’s encryption capabilities offer new layers of privacy and security for registering data. A blockchain is decentralized, so ledgers are shared by a network of computers, minimizing cyberattacks, enabling better management of authorizations, and increasing trust among parties.

Integrate with other technologies

We define blockchain as a fundamental technology that can leverage other techs from the industry 4.0. For instance, machine learning, robotics, and VR can integrate blockchain into their solutions to record large amounts of data.

Learn more about how blockchain can improve your operations.

What We Do

We make the most of enterprise blockchain technology and design solutions for the real world. Our team offers services tailored to our clients’ needs and expectations. Contact us and get the conversation started!

Software Development

Our value proposition is to develop blockchain-based software to solve real-life problems. We have experience working with large global enterprises and SMEs, government entities and NGOs, and open-source projects across many industries. We adapt to our clients’ budgets and needs, without compromising thought leadership or quality. Our team is technology agnostic but specializes in the open-source blockchain technology EOSIO, launched by leading company

We offer top-grade infrastructure for blockchain networks and API endpoints from our datacenter in San José, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country with high political stability and a long-lasting democracy. Our strategic location in the middle of the American continent offers convenient network interconnectivity. We also configure, host, and maintain blockchain nodes available for private and public networks with 24/7 monitoring and uptime. Read more about this.

In today’s world, new technologies are leading the way to transform many industries. We offer workshops on blockchain and EOSIO to C-suite executives and teams that want to keep up to date and learn more about what is blockchain and enterprise use cases. We also provide training and education resources for new talents that wish to kickstart their career in blockchain.

Industries to Deploy Enterprise Blockchain

Payments and Transfers

Blockchain enables an efficient and secure way to register transactions that can facilitate payments and offer near real-time auditing with encryption to reduce data breaches. Read more

Logistics and Supply Chain

In an industry that involves dozens of stakeholders, the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts for traceability, authorizations management, and automation can make a great ally. Read more


Blockchain enables a better way to transfer, valorize, and collect digital in-game assets. Also, its capabilities to increase security and offer a more efficient way for transactions can level-up online gaming. Read more

Discover more industries that can leverage their operations on blockchain technology.

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Get to Know EOS Costa Rica

The Team

We have assembled a Latin American team with a problem-solving mindset and expertise in their knowledge areas. We operate as a distributed team in an Agile environment and make a concerted effort to hire talent outside of urban areas to support tech careers in rural regions. Follow us on Linkedin.

The company

During the 1980s, we developed the first BBS in the country, a precursor to the internet. After decades of offering internet infrastructure, hosting, and development services, we began providing infrastructure for public blockchain networks. We were there during the genesis of the EOS Mainnet and started deploying the EOSIO protocol since its launch, accruing decades of experience with innovative technologies. Get to know us.

The technology

We focus on deploying EOSIO technology, an open-source protocol launched in 2018 by leading tech company EOSIO is powered by the native token EOS and offers improved scalability due to its high transaction speed, flexibility in public and private networks, and energy efficiency compared to other blockchains, making it a more eco-friendly option.

We Are One Group


Some of Our Projects

Get to know some of our latest projects deploying the EOSIO blockchain protocol. Visit the full list here.


We are part of this voluntary regional alliance, led by Latin American technology companies to offer an EOSIO-based testnet to the LACChain initiative, a program to accelerate the development of the blockchain ecosystem in the region.

Read more.


An open-source blockchain-based app that incentivizes blood donations by creating a virtuous circle of value between donors, blood banks, and local businesses, leveraged by a token economy. Winner of the “Coding for Change” challenge by

Read more.


A blockchain-based platform that provides solutions for in-out gate activity for the container industry and real-time transmission of relevant data required for proper interchange in port logistics.

Read more.

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