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Get to Know EOS Costa Rica

Our Story

EOS Costa Rica is part of a company with over three decades of developing innovative technologies. During the 80s, we launched the first BBS (bulletin board service) in the country, a precursor to the internet. Later on, the company shifted to educating new users on using the email and browsing the web! Then, we started offering internet infrastructure, hosting, and development services.

In 2013, we began providing infrastructure for public blockchain networks and learned first-hand how blockchains work. Then, in 2018 when the EOSIO protocol was launched, we investigated the advantages of this technology and started learning how to deploy it in the real world. Our presence grew during the genesis of the EOS Mainnet and will continue to be there throughout its growth.

Our vision

We founded EOS Costa Rica two years ago — before the release of EOS... and quickly realized this was a marathon, not a sprint. We have experimented with different use cases for EOSIO blockchain technology, especially for enterprise use.

Our team offers an agile and lean approach to develop blockchain-based solutions that allow innovation departments to quickly and efficiently iterate and test proofs-of-concept with a restricted budget and schedule. This ability enables organizations to explore this technology's benefits and experience its potential in a controlled environment.

What can we do for you?

We can co-ideate and develop the ideal solution that integrates blockchain technology into your operations following an agile and lean approach that will help you explore blockchain's features within a restricted budget and schedule.

We provide top-notch, ready-to-use blockchain infrastructures. Also, we configure, host, and maintain blockchain nodes and networks that can meet your organization's requirements and needs.

We offer workshops to C-suite executives and teams. We also provide training for new talents and promote the region's blockchain ecosystem by participating in events, seminars, and conferences.

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Meet the Team

We have assembled a Latin American team with a problem-solving mindset and expertise in their areas of knowledge. Our distributed team operates in an Agile environment that encourages participation, self- accountability, and innovation. Get to know us!
Management Team

Rodrigo Fernández

Founder, Chairman & Chief Strategist

Edgar Fernández

Co-founder & Finance and Enterprise

Xavier Fernández

Co-founder & Tech Lead
Marketing and Sales

Luis Diego Rojas

Communications and Content Strategist

Rodolfo Perez

Art Director & Brand Manager
Development and Design

Adriel Díaz

Full Stack Developer

Allan Salazar

Network Engineer

Andrés Gomez

Cybersecurity Developer

Angelo Castro


Cristian Castro

C++ Developer

Jean Vega


Jorge Murillo

Sr. UX Designer

Justin Castillo


Kevin Castillo

Full Stack Developer

Ronald Gallo

Network Administrator

Terencio Gómez

Full Stack Developer

Victor Julio Madrigal

Web Developer

Work with Us

There are currently no positions to display.

The Technology

Our team specializes in the blockchain protocol EOSIO, launched by block.one in 2018, as an open-source blockchain technology that deploys a consensus model known as Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS). In DPoS, computers do not compete over computational power to solve algorithms. The following are some key features of EOSIO:


EOSIO deploys the DPoS mechanism to achieve higher throughput and efficiency, becoming the blockchain protocol with the largest number of transactions per second at 4,000 on its public blockchain. In contrast, the average in other blockchain systems is 15-20 transactions per second.


EOSIO enables adaptability for public and private networks and can be customized according to the business requirements. This blockchain technology offers low latency, meaning that a user won't have to wait for a long time for a transaction to be complete, ensuring a better user experience.


EOSIO offers a flexible and favorable cost model that eliminates the need for transaction fees. This model is ideal for developers who seek a solution with low operation costs and still offers an experience free to the user.


The DPoS mechanism enables a sustainable blockchain solution requiring less electricity to run nodes and confirm transactions. For example, EOSIO is 66,000 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin and 17,000 times more energy-efficient than Ethereum.

Faster adoption

Developers build smart contracts in EOSIO using C++, a general- purpose programming language with widespread adoption, thus eliminating the need to learn new languages to begin deploying the technology. Also, there are many learning resources available online and a dynamic support community.
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Our Projects


We are part of this voluntary regional alliance to offer an EOSIO-based testnet to the LACChain initiative, a program to accelerate the development of the region's blockchain ecosystem.
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An open-source blockchain-based app that incentivizes blood donations by creating a virtuous circle of value between donors, blood banks, and local businesses, leveraged by a token economy. Winner of the "Coding for Change" challenge by block.one.
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A blockchain-based platform that provides solutions for in-out gate activity for the container industry and real-time transmission of relevant data required for proper interchange in port logistics.
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