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We are one of the first companies in Latin America to deploy the EOSIO protocol. Innovation is in our DNA. We seek new opportunities to leverage this technology for enterprise use to solve real-world problems. Learn more about how we help to develop the EOSIO blockchain ecosystem worldwide.

Our Story

EOS Costa Rica is a company spinoff with over three decades of developing technologies in Costa Rica. During the 80s, we launched the first BBS (bulletin board service) in the country, a precursor to the internet. Later on, the company shifted to educating new users on using email and browsing the web. Then, we started offering internet infrastructure, hosting, and development services.

In 2013, we began providing infrastructure for public blockchain networks and learned first-hand how blockchains work. Then, in 2018 when EOSIO was launched, we investigated the advantages of this technology and started learning how to deploy it in the real world. We were there during the genesis of the EOS Mainnet and will continue to be there throughout its growth.

Our Story

Ongoing education

We believe that continuous training and building human talent is crucial to developing a robust ecosystem.


We recognize and acknowledge everyone’s unique talents and seek to build loyalty by empowering the EOSIO community.


Our team evolves alongside technology. We strive to be as nimble and efficient as possible, which lets us quickly adapt and implement the newest innovations.


We defend individual sovereignty among the EOS community, replicating Costa Rica’s premise of freedom and peace as the lengthiest democracy in Latin America.


Our team advocates for the rights of education, entrepreneurship, and opportunities for all the members in our community as a way to develop the ecosystem.


We commit to safeguard our community’s future and take calculated risks that will bring us further to our long term goals.


We firmly believe and encourage taking full accountability from our team members and stakeholders. We value transparency and responsibility.


We endorse and defend a governance model guided by merit principles for our community’s benefit.

Block Producer Information

Code of conduct

EOS Costa Rica pledges to:

Provide the highest standard bare-metal infrastructure available to the EOS ecosystem.

Become an economically sustainable and highly competitive EOS Block Producer.

Allocate block rewards to EOS educational and development initiatives. Sponsor dApps and projects for community-led developments.

Be totally transparent and open when allocating block rewards. Actively participate in the blockchain governance with an open and positive attitude.

Respect and defend the constitution, fair elections, community vigilance, and arbitration mechanisms.

Ownership disclosure

According to the Block Producer Agreement and values that have represented us since the beginning of our campaign, EOS Costa Rica hereby commits to disclose all beneficial owners of our organization and encourages other BP candidates to abide by the Agreement. Whereas EOS Costa Rica is a community-led initiative involving various stakeholders, including but not limited to: developers, security engineers, community managers, system administrators, and financial staff, the Block Producer Keys are ultimately owned and controlled by Sistemas Edenia Internacional, S.A.

Open-source Projects

Find out more about some open-source we are developing. Feel free to look over our Github profile for more details!


An open-source blockchain-based app that incentivizes blood donations by creating a virtuous circle of value between donors, blood banks, and local businesses, leveraged by a token economy. Winner of the “Coding for Change” challenge by block.one.

Read more.

EOS Rate

EOS Rate is an open- source app that allows EOS token holders to access a rating system and voting portal for block producers and proxies in the EOS blockchain.

Read more.

EOSIO Dashboard

The EOSIO Dashboard is an open-source project that allows users to visualize the rewards distribution along the EOS network to seek accountability and transparency.

Read more

Follow us on our profiles. We’re continually looking for open-source collaborations!

Why Costa Rica?

We are the first EOS block producer candidate in Central America and one of the few in Latin America. We believe that Costa Rica’s features can be an excellent asset for aggregating diversity to the EOS network, be it for its political stability, absence of an army, or respect to Human Rights. Additionally, its technical infrastructure, stable political framework, flexible corporate structure, and defined jurisdiction makes it an opportunistic network available for the censorship-resistant EOS.

Liberty and Peace

Costa Rica is one of the most stable and longest-lasting Democracies in America. It abolished its army in 1948 to promote education and wellbeing and stands out on equality and innovation.

Human Rights

Costa Rica is founded on respect to Human Rights, and even the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights based its headquarters in San José.


Costa Rica promotes sustainable development and houses more than 4% of the world’s biodiversity, where more than 26% of its territory comprises of protected areas and National Parks.

Strategic location

Costa Rica is conveniently located in the middle of the Americas. The country connects three submarine fiber optic cables, providing real-time fail- over and redundancy to our infrastructure.


Costa Ricans value equality for all. For instance, the country ranks as the first in Latin America for gender equality.

Vote for Us as Block Producers

Experience as integrators

We focus on building strong relationships with strategic partners and the enterprise sector. We constantly seek new business opportunities and strive to educate executives in both the public and private sectors about the EOSIO protocol and blockchain technology.

Reason 2

We strive to recruit the best candidates. We have assembled a Latin American team with a problem-solving mindset and expertise in their areas of knowledge. Our team operates in an Agile environment that encourages participation, self- accountability, and innovation.

Great open-source projects

We develop and support open- source projects such as EOS Rate, LatamLink, Lifebank, EOSIO Dashboard, and many more that strive to push the EOSIO ecosystem forward. These projects are built by talented developers and professionals that believe in the benefits of the network.

Strong community building

We are part of local and global ecosystems to promote EOSIO adoption. We attend events such as the EOS Conferences, events by Block.one, and take an active part in the community’s digital conversations.

Additional Resources

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