Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases

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We are part of this voluntary regional alliance, led by Latin American technology companies to offer an EOSIO-based testnet to the LACChain initiative, a program to accelerate the development of the blockchain ecosystem in the region.Read more


An open-source blockchain-based app that incentivizes blood donations by creating a virtuous circle of value between donors, blood banks, and local businesses, leveraged by a token economy. Winner of the "Coding for Change" challenge by block.one.Read more


A blockchain-based platform that provides solutions for in-out gate activity for the container industry and real-time transmission of relevant data required for proper interchange in port logisticsRead more

Other Projects

Enterprise EOSIO Forum

We are part of the Enterprise EOSIO Forum, a community-driven initiative to discuss enterprise blockchain solutions deploying EOSIO technology.

EOS Foundation

We are part of the EOS Foundation proof of concept. It is an autonomous, decentralized, non-profit organization that will enable self-representation and promotion of the EOS community.

EOS Rate

EOS Rate is an open- source app that allows EOS token holders to access a rating system and voting portal for block producers and proxies in the EOS blockchain.

EOSIO Dashboard

The EOSIO Dashboard is an open-source project that allows users to visualize the rewards distribution along the EOS network to seek accountability and transparency.


Evodex is the front-end user interface for a liquidity pool protocol where users vote on the pool liquidity fees and pay zero gas. We were in charge of UX and front-end design.

Undisclosed enterprise project

We developed an app for a US-based client in the accounting and tax industry for improved traceability of intercompany transactions.

Notario Digital

Notario Digital is an open- source project that generates a hash of any file to register it immutably on an EOSIO network.


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