Blockchain Solutions

Leverage blockchain technology. Our team will help you embrace the power of this innovative technology.

We have years of experience integrating enterprise blockchain solutions and developing infrastructure for business environments.

Blockchain Development Services

Explore the possibilities that blockchain technology offers. Boost your operations with increased transparency, security, and traceability. We have experience working with large global enterprises and SMEs, government entities and NGOs, and open-source projects. Our team is technology agnostic and will guide you to find the ideal solution. We specialize in the open-source blockchain protocol EOSIO, for its adaptability to any industry in both the private and public sectors. Visit our industries page to learn more.

Enterprise Blockchain

EOS Costa Rica deploys blockchain technology to design enterprise solutions that can integrate with other systems. Blockchain enables the deployment of smart contracts – computer codes that can execute automatically and autonomously. Smart contracts allow improved efficiency and can reduce transaction-related costs. Learn more about enterprise blockchain:

● Boosted efficiency

Smart contracts can help you process transactions quickly, with added efficiency compared to cloud platforms, and less costly by reducing administrative fees by cutting the middleman.

● Improved security

The immutability and encryption capabilities of blockchain can reduce data manipulation, human error, and cyber frauds. Blockchains use hash functions – created by a mathematical function that transforms input data into code lines – that make blockchains difficult to hack.

● Added transparency

Blockchain enables a transparent and near real-time registry of data that can improve the trust and traceability of processes, such as in supply chain or insurance claims processing.

● Enhanced auditability

A permissioned blockchain allows an organization to control accesses and authorizations across the network, increasing accountability among the team, and facilitating auditability by external parties.

A Solution-based Approach

EOS Costa Rica leverages a cross-functional team that follows an Agile methodology. We seek efficiency and collaboration and prioritize the customer’s needs to develop solutions that add value to their end- users. Also, we adapt to our clients’ budgets, without compromising thought leadership or quality. Learn more about our work style:

● User-centered approach

We focus on the user. We understand the importance of user research to identify their pain points and needs. Good research helps us know who the user is to find the best solution to specific problems.

● Adaptability and innovation

We continually explore the newest trends in blockchain technology to better serve our clients. Also, we offer an open, unlimited platform that enables developers to innovate.

● Agile methodology

We deploy an Agile approach that stimulates cross-functional collaboration, flexibility, and adaptability to encourage constant improvement.

● Dynamic tech stack

We deploy the optimum tech stack available to leverage the blockchain protocol we use, which we call the “EOS Dream Stack.” It allows us to explore further the many assets this technology offers.

Our Process from Start to Finish

When working on a project, our team follows a combination of Design Thinking, Lean UX, and Agile methodologies. Applying Design Thinking helps us understand the users’ needs and pain points, define a specific problem, and experiment to find potential solutions. Lean UX allows us to learn faster, repeatedly iterate until the product fits its purpose, or pivot entirely when the focus shifts. Moreover, Agile methodology allows us to work flexibly on sprints towards developing user-centered solutions.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Top-notch Blockchain Infrastructure

EOS Costa Rica deploys blockchain technology to design enterprise solutions that can integrate with other systems. Blockchain enables the deployment of smart contracts – computer codes that can execute automatically and autonomously. Smart contracts allow improved efficiency and can reduce transaction-related costs. Learn more about enterprise blockchain:

● Blockchain nodes development

We configure, host, and maintain blockchain nodes and networks for private and public use with 24/7 monitoring and uptime. This allows any organization to deploy a network according to their requirements and needs.

● Ready-to-use infrastructure

Also, we developed a robust, top-grade infrastructure ready to host blockchain networks for our clients and open-source projects from our datacenter.

● API endpoints

Our datacenter network also enables the installation of API endpoints between blockchains and other tech stacks. An API endpoint is a touchpoint of communication and interaction between an API (Application Program Interface) and a server.

● Experience deploying networks

We have partnered with local public and multilateral development institutions to participate in developing blockchain networks and blockchain-as-a-service platforms.

A Strategic Location

Our datacenter, located in San José, Costa Rica, is strategically located in the middle of the American continent, allowing convenient network interconnectivity. Costa Rica offers high political stability, a long-lasting democracy, high education ranks, and flexible corporate structure – all appropriate for decentralized networks. These are some of the advantages that this country may add to your infrastructure:

Network interconnectivity

Costa Rica has shores in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and connects three submarine fiber optic cables – ARCOS-1, MAYA-1, and Pan American Crossing (PAC) – that provide the majority of the bandwidth in the country. This interconnection provides real-time fail-over and redundancy to our infrastructure. Costa Rica is part of the six Central American nations interconnected via a terrestrial fiber-optic network (REDCA). Additionally, having direct connections to all upstream carriers allows the country’s network to prevent single-point failures.

Costa Rica is a country that values Human Rights, Peace, and Democracy. The country is one of the most stable and longest-lasting Democracies in America. Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 to promote education and wellbeing and stands out on equality and innovation. Moreover, the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights based its headquarters in San José.

Despite being a small country, Costa Rica houses more than 4% of the world’s biodiversity. The country’s leaders have been promoting ecology and sustainable development. Leading by example, more than 26% of its territory comprises of protected areas and National Parks.

Education and Training

Executive Workshops

We know that innovative technologies, such as blockchain, may have a steep learning curve. So, we offer workshops on blockchain and EOSIO technology to C-suite executives and teams that want to keep up to date and learn more about blockchain and enterprise use cases.

We also provide training and education resources for new talents that wish to kickstart their career in blockchain and in the EOSIO protocol. We have assembled a web portal that includes learning materials and guides for developers. Check them out here. Also, ask us about our training courses for companies and teams.

We help promote the blockchain and EOSIO ecosystems by hosting and attending community activities. We also speak about blockchain and participate in events related to technology and innovation. Every year, we host a team-building event called EOSurf that takes our operations to the beach for several days to switch computers and code for surf and yoga lessons.

How Can Your Industry Deploy Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has the capabilities to transform many industries, including:

Payments and Transfers

Blockchain enables an efficient and secure way to register transactions that can facilitate payments and offer near real-time auditing with encryption to reduce data breaches.

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Logistics and Supply Chain

In an industry that involves dozens of stakeholders, the capabilities of blockchain and smart contracts for traceability, authorizations management, and automation can make a great ally.

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Blockchain enables a better way to transfer, valorize, and collect digital in-game assets. Also, its capabilities to increase security and offer a more efficient way for transactions can level-up online gaming.

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