Who We Are

Since 1984, launched 2018

We have a long history of adopting disruptive technology.

EOS Costa Rica is an independent arm of Sistemas Edenia Internacional S.A. We incorporated in 1987 and since 2013 we have been providing infrastructure to blockchains from our data center. Whether its running the first BBS in the country, bringing the mobile web to Costa Ricans and now educating about the benefits of blockchain, we have always been on the forefront of disruption.

Our core

Organizational Orbit

Representing the EOS Ecosystem

Our values define our strategy


Our philosophy has always been that knowledge and learning is key to what we do. Continuous training and building human talent is what will make EOS the most sustainable infrastructure for decentralized applications.


We believe that our unique local relationships and reputation increase the viability of the EOS network. We recognize everyone’s unique talents and seek to build loyalty by empowering our workforce.


We are constantly in motion and have a proven history of evolving as technology improves. We value being nimble and efficient with our resources which allows us to quickly adopt and drive new innovations.


We firmly believe that our history in Costa Rica, the longest lasting free democracy in Latin America, shapes our philosophy of life, liberty and property. We strive to represent and defend individual sovereignty in the EOS community.


We work towards the flourishing of our community by promoting the right to Education, Entrepreneurship and Opportunity to all members.


We are committed to safeguarding the future of our community and take appropriate risks that do not jeopardize our long term goals.


We firmly believe in taking full responsibility for the consequences of our actions and encourage accountability from our stakeholders.


We work for and defend a governance model where benefits are distributed according to merit regardless of race, gender, religion or political ideology and for the overall benefit of our community.

The Crew

Our Real Value

Rodrigo Fernández

Founder, Chairman and Chief Strategist

Edgar Fernández

Co-founder, Finance and Enterprise

Julián Alvarado

Sr. Project Manager

Jorge Murillo

Sr. UX

Cristian Castro

Senior Developer

Diversity in the EOS ecosystem

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Latin America and abolished its military in 1948. Costa Rica stands for peace and liberty, characteristics that are internationally recognized and the cornerstones of the country. This country with excellent infrastructure, a stable political framework, and a flexible corporate structure with a clear legal jurisdiction is perfect for the censorship-resistant network features of the EOS network.

Costa Rica has fiber optic connections on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts via three submarine cables that provide the majority of bandwidth to Costa Rica. Access to all three backbones, ARCOS-1, MAYA-1, and Pan American Crossing (PAC) provides real time fail-over and redundancy at our facility. Additionally all 6 Central American nations are interconnected via a terrestrial fiber optic network (REDCA). Direct connections to all upstream carriers ensure that no single point of failure is present in the network.


In Costa Rica since 2008 with more than 7.5k employees


First investment in 1997 and a leader in Tech with more than 2.1k employees


Management team with more than 50 people responsible for CentAM


Microsoft More than 20 years in Costa Rica with over 750 employees

The network employs BGP to assure all traffic reaches its destination if one connection fails. Communication to international networks is fully redundant and supported by two locations, our main building in San Jose and the Teleport in Calle Blancos.

The EOS network benefits from our infrastructure that includes private peering network connections to major Internet carriers. These private peering arrangements allow the network to quickly and efficiently exchange packets of data with every major backbone carrier in a one-to-one environment.

Costa Rica leads the world in achieving carbon neutrality, expected by 2030. Costa Rica is already producing more than 90% of it’s energy from renewable sources. (hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass, and wind).  Costa Rica invests where it matters most with a public education policy that is free and mandatory since 1870. Costa Rica stands out for its high educational standards and outstanding productivity levels and we intend to replicate those values in the local EOS community.

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